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The lair of the argyroneta  ( Argyroneta aquatica )

This is how I decided to call the museum of my spiro-vintage collection. Even if there is no spider's web or dust in this dedicated space, however, I wanted to wink at this very discreet little spider nicknamed "the diver spider".

To accompany my collection of regulators I began to collect some accessories from La Spirotechnique, including masks, fins, lamps, knives and more particularly analog instruments such as depth gauges.

I was particularly attracted by these and to my greatest surprise these exist in several variants at the level of the dials for example.

I therefore amused myself by establishing a small classification, taking inspiration from that of philately which was one of my childhood passions.

There are surely other variants that I have not yet discovered and it is with pleasure that I will exchange your information in order to establish a typology as precise as possible and why not a chronology.

Détendeur CG45
Détendeur Narguilé
Détendeur Mistral
Détendeur Royal Mistral
Lampe de plongée
Profondimètre et boussole de plongée
combinaisons de plongée
Couteau de plongée
Masque de plongée
Scaphandre autonome COUSTEAU-GAGNAN
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