Détendeur NARGUILÉ CG-45

Here is the NARGUILÉ regulator released in 1956 to replace that of the CG-45. It has the MISTRAL plate but the rest of the mechanism is that of the CG-45. This one is new and has the serial number 20510G which dates it around 1963/64.


The extremely rare NARGUILÉ MISTRAL written with a "U" released in 1965. Produced in the vicinity of 300 units, this one carries the 297 which places it in the year 1967. It is presented with the surface pressure gauge and its harness.


The 1968 version of the NARGHILÉ MISTRAL written with an "H". I present it to you here with a NAUTILUS tip from the ERUS submarine communication equipment. Marketed until 1977, it has the serial number 2537 which dates it around 1975.