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Why establish a chronology and a typology
regulators from LA SPIROTECHNIQUE?

As soon as I got serious about collecting double-hose regulators from the La Spirotechnique brand, I was surprised to see that many  collectors did not know how to date them and above all did not know why there were different variants.

Curious by nature, I put myself in the head to establish the chronology and the typology of regulators CG45, Mistral, Royal Mistral and other regulators of La Spirotechnique but I quickly ran up against the lack of information!

In fact, when La Spirotechnique moved from Paris to Carros (South of France near to Nice) in 1977, all of the archives were destroyed!

My long and fascinating research is based on rare documents, such as catalogs, technical notices, advertisements in magazines of the time and of course the two large living libraries: Jacques Chabbert and Philippe Rousseau!

A real work of archaeologist! You have to understand that my research is not fixed, particularly that of the CG45 regulators, where the work is based a lot on hypotheses based on the observation of regulators in other collections, notices and old photos ... Because unfortunately all the members of the La Spirotechnique of this time are all past away.

If you have comments or documents that could lead to new hypotheses, I am all ears! Contact me and share our knowledge before it disappears into oblivion ...

Good reading.



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