Détendeur CG-45

I present to you one of the oldest known CG-45 regulators, it dates from 1946 and has the serial number 568 stamped on the back of the bowl at the level of the HP body, at the base of the yoke. It comes with a FERNEZ mouthpiece reproduction that I had 3D stainless steel metal printing made because the original was missing when it was discovered at the bottom of a cellar in the Var department. (south of France)

Détendeur CG-45

Here is the Grail of my collection, the CG-45 big label SARL. It will have taken me 25 years to find one that was saved inextremely from the recycling center. I have listed only 10 around the world, mine has the serial number 1097 and dates from 1947.

CG45 grosse plaque SARL 1080

Here is the Holy Grail of my collection, the CG-45 large plaque SARL. It took me 26 years to find a second one which belonged to Fanfan in Annecy, the loop is closed since I bought my first Mistral from Fanfan in 1994. I have only listed 10 around the world, mine has the serial number 1080 and dates from 1947.


Here is a relatively rare piece, a CG-45 small SARL plate from 1948. This one already has the distinction of being the oldest known with a serial number 1137 or 39 units of my CG45 large plate SARL 1097. But in the more its plate is positioned vertically "with the large plate". This peculiarity comes from the fact that the tubing of the pan was positioned horizontally at this time. This feature is found only on the very first small plates (about 80 units maximum) because most probably from 1949 the plate will be positioned horizontally when the tubes are positioned at an angle of 45 ° to the horizontal.

The small SARL plate numbered 1219 is already in this configuration. I would have to find another CG45 between the number 1147 and 1219 to refine this search, I therefore appeal to collectors for their precious help!

Détendeur CG-45

I present here the CG-45 small SARL label numbered 1665. Very hard to find too, it is a little more common than the big label and it dates from 1949.

Détendeur CG-45

I present here the CG-45 small SA label called "plate mounted upside down". This nickname comes from the fact that if it is rigged in a conventional manner on the bottle with the pipes oriented upwards, the plate appears inverted. In fact, on this small series produced around 200 units the nozzles are designed to be mounted downward in order to probably protect the rubber hoses for possible use in caving (This is only a hypothesis). Very hard to find also because of the small number produced, it is dated 1952/53 and has the serial number 4211.

Détendeur CG-45

Here is my first CG-45 numbered 3783, it probably dates from 1952/53. During my acquisition, only the bowl in bad condition remained (see its restoration on the typology and chronology page of the CG-45), but luckily the membrane was correct. I completely restored it, giving it a second life (I dived with it). For my collection I mounted it with a GODEL mouthpiece like the CG-45 used in the navy at that time.

Détendeur CG-45

Here is a late version of the CG-45 mounted in hookah numbered 6104 which dates from 1955. I voluntarily left it assembled with its harness and a seal hood to show you the assembly at constant volume.


Here is a version of the CG-45 without manufacturer's label in PRO version. Even if it is impossible to date it precisely in the absence of a serial number. I think I can affirm that it probably dates from the period from 1951-1954, indeed some indications indicate it, the tubes with a diameter of 22mm or the nut of medium pressure spring  chromed for example. It is probably an old small SA label whose damaged pan was changed by a pan without a plate which was sold by La Spirotechnique as a spare part.

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