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chronology and typology
ROYAL MISTRAL regulators
marketed from 1963 to 1985

In 1963, the regulator ROYAL MISTRAL, "son of MISTRAL 1961", left the Spiro workshops. It incorporates the new hoses with accordion fold and the second version of the AQUASTOP mouthpiece released in 1962, with the nozzle offset upwards, considerably improving comfort in the mouth thanks to the chin rest thus created. New collars with stainless steel screws are also created to fix the hoses.


The regulator bowl is completely redesigned:

- No more round exhalation holes, but flat holes with flanges limiting the intrusion of foreign bodies which could damage the membrane.

- New manufacturer's label without rivet,  as US DIVERS labels.

- Inside the mechanism is the same as the MISTRAL, except the nozzle of the venturi effect has been modified following the evolution of the volume of the bowl.

There are 2 generations of Royal Mistral, the first (1963 to 1979) with the crown label( Photo 1) and the second in black label (1980 to 1985), without the COUSTEAU-GAGNAN notation but just with the La spirotechnique logo and his name in yellow ( Photo 2 ).


Photo 1

Photo 2

In 1963 , the first Royal-Mistral were released without an HP output for a pressure gauge.

We recognize them because they all have a small serial number (probably less than 10,000) and their label has a navy blue color and a strong yellow crown (Photo1) .

Also note that a Royal-Mistral version with PRO mouthpiece was marketed, as can be seen in the catalogs of the time ( Photo 3 ).

Around 1967 the label came out with a blue-gray color and a "pissy" yellow, probably due to a change of subcontractor for the La Spirotechnique ( Photo 4 ).

LA SPIROTECHNIQUE will also decide around this period to export its regulator by attacking the German and Anglo-Saxon market . For this purpose, it will release a DIN version ( Photo 5 ) and an I-shaped seat (international, 17.8mm in diameter) for the sleeve.


Around 1971/72 and until 1979 the Royal-Mistral label changed color again, with a cyan blue and the crown with a primary yellow ( Photo 6 ).


Photo 3


Photo 4


Photo 5


Photo 6

From 1972, in order to modernize the regulator, the Royal-Mistral came out with an HP output in 6/100 in France (Photo 7) , the versions with or without HP output rubbed shoulders until 1979.

In parallel the German and English version will be assigned a male HP output with imperial thread (Photo 8).


It is possible that the last French series were also released with HP output in 3/8, but no certainty to date (Photo 9). (For the record, 3/8 is used today for Low Pressure outlets and High Pressure outlets are in 5/16.)


Photo 7


Photo 8


Photo 9


Photo 10



In 1980 the Royal-Mistral saw its manufacturer label radically change following the abandonment by LA SPIROTECHNIQUE of the mention COUTEAU-GAGNAN on its regulators. It uses that of the "series" regulators released in 1978 such as the 20, 25, 40 and 50. This version also called second generation or "black label" across the Atlantic is in principle only released with a 3/8 HP , but i 've found a 6/100 version (homemade? impossible to know because it is also very likely that LA SPIROTECHNIQUE had fun marketing some 6/100 models following a customer request ...)

In any case this model of Royal-Mistral will be the last product because in 1985 its marketing will be stopped, too expensive and less efficient than the new generations of regulators with mouth arriving on the market and in December 1991 Spirotechnique will put an end to the sale of all spare parts (Photo 10) .... the end of an era.



Royal Mistral regulator

First generation with a deep blue and yellow color label, at least until

Serial number 9335.

Royal Mistral regulator

First generation with blue-gray and pissy yellow color label


Royal Mistral regulator

Second generation with HP output

Serial number at least until 55729

Royal Mistral regulator



This royal-mistral was intended for the training of the French army. It is a late version of the early 1980s made by SPIROTECHNIQUE at the request of the army. Made in small series the tip used is that of "submarine product", the same used for Mistrals and royal-mistrals sold by BEUCHAT. It is quite possible that Spirotechnique sold these regulators based on the stock planned for Beuchat when the latter broke its commercial agreements with the firm at Espadon.

It is without manufacturer's label.

Royal Mistral regulator

PRO version

As previously explained, SPIROTECHNIQUE released a PRO version in the years 1967 to 1976, simply mounted with a PRO tip knowing that late around 1975 a version of the PRO tip came out in AQUASTOP with mouthpiece or in PHOQUE hood version.

Necklace  Tightening 

Released in 1963, the clamp with screw and stainless nut will be abandoned in 1976 by the use of plastic clamp.

Description of the operation of the Royal Mistral

This regulator allows, using an injector, to easily and regularly supply sufficient air, which is automatically relaxed in the lungs of the diver.

Its dorsal position ensures maximum respiratory comfort, the membrane being at the level of the bronchi.

It consists of a single expansion stage which transforms the high pressure. Slave flow control under very low pressure, supplied on demand, air at prevailing ambient pressure at any depth.

Its ease of use effectively eliminates the risk of shortness of breath.

Its design cannot cause a lack of air, its circuit open to expiration, leads bubbles out of the field of vision.

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Schematic diagram of the Royal Mistral

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