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First aid kit intended for

to tankers

from 1968 to 1990



it was the mini breathing set intended for tank crews "  AMX-30  Which crossed rivers or rivers in submersion. Should the tank break down underwater, each crew member was provided with this set to take the time to get out and return to the surface. Engineering divers have been specially trained and certified to also assist them underwater.  : the "  crossing aid divers  Of the Army. And recognize in advance the best places of passage for tanks ...

  It is equipped with a nose clip, a harness to mount a bottle "pony" with a SPIRO 8 regulator in the front. All delivered in a khaki bag with the SPIROTECHNIQUE logo.

This is a rare piece to find ... I was very lucky, you will notice that the SPIRO 8 has kept its nameplate and its serial number is 11147.

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