Détendeur SUPRA XL de 1987

Here is the first version of SUPRA from 1987, quite rare to find because it was marketed only that year since it will undergo a new design of the first floor the following year.

Détendeur SUPRA XL version 1988

Here in its box the regulator SUPRA XL in its version from 1988. The first stage has had a new design. It is a superb membrane regulator responding to a request from the French Navy.

Détendeur ARTIC

I present here the SUPRA ARTIC regulator, its reputation as a cold water regulator is no longer to be done with its fins of heat exchangers on the second floor and its oil bath on the first floor.

Détendeur MICRA

Spirotechnics revived in 1996 with the second miniature stages with the MICRA associated with the first SUPRA stage. The case has been designed by US DIVERS. Unfortunately this second stage will not pass the new European standards of 1998 and its marketing will be stopped in Europe then which will continue across the Atlantic with the MICRA ADJUSTED until 1995.