Détendeur EXPLORER

The EXPLORER regulator was released in 1983 in 2 versions with a second metal stage. The standard version and the R version which always designates a second stage equipped with a sensitivity device. The mechanism of the first stage is with compensated piston with an HP output and 3 MP outputs. The EXPLORER regulator in my collection has the serial number 4487.

Détendeur EXPLORER R

Above here is the EXPLORER R version with its second stage having the adjustment wheel for adjusting the take-off sensitivity of the BP valve. The one in my collection has the serial number 2541.

Détendeur SPIRO 25 DIN

I present here a SPIRO 25 in its DIN version, it has the serial number 1119 and it is new. It dates from 1984.

Détendeur SPIRO CLUB

Here is the first CLUB regulator released in May 1980 to replace the 20 series. It is the first version of a long line which still exists today with the CALYPSO CLUB from AQUALUNG.


New SPIRO CLUB regulator in its box


New SCLUB XL4 regulator in its box, released in 1986.


I present here the 1991 SPIRO CLUB. A short-lived version because the push button is not practical to handle with gloves so it will be quickly abandoned.


Here is the SPIRO RANGER, this version of the CLUB regulator will be released in 1996, that of my collection is in DIN 200 bar version.