Détendeur AQUILON première génération N°11757

I present here a very beautiful collector's item, a beautiful AQUILON first generation N ° 11757 out of revision of the workshops of the spirotechnique, with still the control label and the tip protected by a plastic pocket.

It seems to me that he has never seen the water and therefore it is probably new. Perhaps a reformed regulator from the French Navy. It dates for me from the year 1964 or 1965.

Détendeur AQUILON première génération

I present here a first generation AQUILON which intrigued me for a long time because it has no serial number and the plate is a simple sticker.

The mystery was solved by my friend Jacques Chabbert. He simply explained to me that this regulator quite often lost its pad on the push button. At the time, by coquetry, its owner could buy this sticker as a spare part for Spirotechnique.

Without its serial number it is impossible to date it precisely. It therefore dates from 1963 to 1971, the period of the marketing of the first generation AQUILON.

Détendeur AQUILON seconde génération avec sortie HP 6/100, N°46491

In this photo you can see a magnificent new AQUILON second generation, with its red filling from the workshops of the spirotechnique on the collar of the second floor. It is equipped with an HP output in 6/100 and probably dates from the year 1975 thanks to its serial number 46491

Détendeur AQUILON seconde génération avec sortie HP mâle, N°26258

I present here a very important collector's item because it allowed me to establish fairly precisely the changeover period between the first and the second generation. It is a second generation AQUILON intended for the Anglo-Saxon market with an imperial male HP output.

It is accompanied by its user manual in stamped and dated English , the latter still corresponding to that of AQUILON first generation. For me it seems obvious to me that it was sold during this transitional period when spirotechnics had not yet produced the user manual for the second generation. The purchase date is May 26, 1972 and the regulator serial number is 26258.

Détendeur AQUILON version PRO N°53772

Here is a very rare piece, I only know 2, one in a collection in Italy and the other at home. These are probably a few prototype units of the AQUILON in PRO version, that is to say with 2 additional MP outputs mounted on a ball joint. Project that will not see the light of day on a commercial scale following the abandonment of the manufacture of AQUILON after the move of spirotechnics in Carros. It is therefore one of the very last AQUILON manufactured in 1977 and has the serial number 53772.


Here is the hookah version of the AQUILON, it is a rare item to find because it is intended for the professional market. It is in new and complete condition. and probably dates from the year 1977 because its serial number is 56958. Nowadays it would go very well for baptisms children in the pool without the clutter of a block.

Détendeur AQUILON seconde génération avec sortie HP 6/100 N°44044

To finish my collection of AQUILON here is a second generation with HP output in 6/100 new in its original box. A treasure because it is very difficult to find this regulator with its box.

It has the serial number 44044 and probably dates from around 1975.


Here is the first generation of SPIRO 8 regulator released in 1968, it has the serial number 2114 and is extremely rare in this state of conservation. Indeed this first series embellished the range SPIRO J (J for Youth) and was a cheap regulator: The caliper and the body of the second stage case were not chrome-plated but covered with black ryslan, the screw of the the caliper is hexagonal, not expensive to manufacture. The concern is that the ryslan did not hold, and therefore subsequently the spirotechnique chromed the parts.

Détendeur SPIRO 8 en version standard N°32258

I present here the SPIRO 8 regulator released in 1968 in the "young diver" collection of the Spirotechnique catalog. An innovative concept where the first stage piston is made of plastic, making it resistant to the phenomenon of icing.

By its simplicity and its robustness it will be very quickly adopted by the firemen and the army. It bears the serial number 32258 and probably dates around the year 1976.

Détendeur SPIRO 8 en version PRO N°17506 et 23389

Here is the PRO version of the spiro 8, with a ball joint with 3 MP outlets in Y, 2 of which are 3/8 and the other male in 1/2. Obviously the SPIRO 8 are all equipped with a 6/100 HP output that is found at the base of the caliper.

The one in my collection has the serial number 17506 and the octopus 23389.


In this photo you have a standard version SPIRO 8 in brushed chrome. This copy is part of my mini respiratory unit intended for the crews of tanks "AMX-30" which crossed rivers or rivers in submersion. If the tank broke down underwater, each crew member was equipped with this set to take the time to get out and regain the surface. The one in my collection bears the number 11748 and is probably dated around the year 1971.


To finish my series on the SPIRO 8 here is the version which was sold by DURO DAKOVIC to the army of the Former Yugoslavia. It carries the serial number 2638, on the other hand it is impossible for me to date it precisely if someone can help me it is welcome!