Détendeur ALIZÉ N°1896

The ALIZÉ is a regulator of revolutionary design for the time ... But very fragile !!

In the early 1970s, manufacturers sought to miniaturize regulators, such as the MICRONIC M400 from the French manufacturer PIEL.

Thus was born the ALIZÉ, the world's first regulator using a pilot valve for the second stage and a DIN convertible stirrup to tackle the German market.

Note that the regulator presented is new.

Détendeur ALIZÉ S N°3117

The ALIZÉ S was released in 1974 in a context where the initial version had not been entirely satisfactory but whose design had required a large budget. Despite good improvements this regulator will not achieve the expected success.

For the record at the start of the STARWARS V episode, Luke SKYWALKER is treated in a tank, breathing thanks to an ALIZÉ S mounted in hookah!

Détendeur SPIROLUNG version standard N°3914

The SPIROLUNG is a regulator released in the continuity of the ALIZÉ S. It is in a way a hybrid between a second stage SPIRO 8 (with a new cover) and a larger version of the first stage ALIZÉ with the famous stirrup convertible into DIN.

Note that like the SPIRO 8 there is a standard version and a PRO version with 2 additional MP outputs.

Détendeur SPIROLUNG en version PRO N°2630 et Octopus N°4952

I present here a very rare piece a new SPIROLUNG mounted in PRO version with its octopus. You can observe that the red pellets of the guarantee of the workshops of the spirotechnique are always present on the necklaces of the second floors.