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Two passions linked together by scuba diving: photography and the collection of old regulators from the Spirotechnique brand who rocked my childhood through the weekly documentaries of the Odyssey of the Calypso, a mythical oceanographic vessel ... In progress catering nowadays in Turkey.

A site with the two dominant colors yellow and black, those used by the brand of the man in the red cap: Commander Jacques-Yves Cousteau, co-inventor with Émile Gagnan of the modern autonomous diving suit in 1945.

A site made by a passionate diver, which is aimed at  divers from all walks of life ... but also to non-divers.


I was born in Clermont-Ferrand one day in January 1972 and I grew up in Auvergne until I was 20 years old.Cadet of a family of 3 children, my father is of blackfoot origin from Algeria and my mother is Spanish. native of the island of Ibiza in the Balearics. In fact, nothing predestined me to become a photographer and antique diver on top of that.

However, since I was very young, with all my family, we went to Ibiza every summer for 2 months, where was born and grew in me this relationship that unites the big blue to all the populations that live on the shores. of these shores.

As soon as I was old enough, I accompanied my father on his spearfishing parties, before becoming a hunter myself.

Until the day when in 1994 I traded my rifle for my first camera ...

Thus was born the self-taught image hunter that I have become ...


The following year I got bitten by the mistralopithecus virus, with my first "vintage" purchase: a MISTRAL, which I had bought in Annecy from an old policeman in the Fanfan store (Baudrion sport).

But my mistralomania really developed from 1997 with the purchase of my ROYAL MISTRAL in DIN from an old German diver from Ibiza ...


My diver CV? Today I have to turn around 5000 dives with about fifteen years as a diving professional including several seasons spent with the famous and regretted diving center IBIZA -DIVING.


I did   my first baptism of diving in Pou d'Es leo in Ibiza on August 9, 1980 but I did not pass my BE (level 1) until 1988 at the Club Clermontois de Plongée Sous-Marine. In 1989 I joined the Frog Men club of Cournon d'Auvergne chaired by  Bernard Cavoret. That year I made my first lake immersions at Pavin Lake (including 2 memorable under ice in 5mm with water at 2 ° C).

In 1990 I passed my 1st step (level 2)  in Carqueiranne.

In 1994 I passed my autonomous diver (level 3) and I did my first job in diving in the shop and workshop of the old diver in Marseille (thank you Pierre Vogel!).

The next year:  first step of supervision with the IBIZA-DIVING club and passage of the divemaster.

In 1997, while on leave for military service I spent  my level 4 of scuba diving (2nd level) in Saint-Tropez in the Octopussy club of Jean-Paul Trilles.

In 1998 following a meeting "Toulousaine à Ibiza" I leave  work at Jean Grégory's Argonaute as workshop and diving pit manager. I will only stay there a few months, the atmosphere does not suit me especially ...

In 1999 I passed the PADI diving instructor in Cannes and I became diving director at the H2O center in Ibiza which has just been taken over by Christophe Ubbelhodde and Elisabeth Pieffer.

I returned to work at IBIZA-DIVING in 2000, then from 2003 until it closed in 2007.

From 2008 to 2010 I will become a freelance monitor before my return to France.

Since that date I stopped professional diving and I volunteer at Le Léo d'Amiens club, going diving with our association everywhere ... recently the Maldives with Seafari and my meeting with the whale shark and manta rays .












  A site for two passions ...


  The story of my logo


My logo symbolizes both my history as a diver and where I come from.

It consists of two seahorses, a Punic amphora from Ibiza (PE 18)  and palm groves.


The seahorse is for me the most fascinating fish of all! It is proof that the human imagination is often inspired by reality. Until the age of 6 I thought it was a mythological animal just like dragons, unicorns and griffins. What was my surprise that day to see my uncle Jean from Cala Mastella hand me one trapped in the mesh of his net !!

The Punic amphorae of Ibiza are atypical and do not resemble anything that could be produced in ancient times, the famous PE 18 is the last form produced called punico-ébusus towards the beginning of our area, its slender biconical form is modern and graceful ... It is for me the symbol of Ibiza, my island.

The design of palm groves is the most common motif of the decorations of Campanian tableware from the 4th and 3rd century BC. The motif of my logo is inspired by that of the plates and bowls that I found on the Greek wreck of the island of TAGOMAGO, the invention of this wreck is my most beautiful memory as a diver! It has been dated by archaeologists between 375 to 325 BC!

I hope you will like this site, do not hesitate to provide your suggestions on the "spiro-vintage" facebook page, or to contact me on my email

Good walk.



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